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My husband and I live in Florida, we have a townhouse in Alabama.  Had a long-term renter who recently passed away.  One of her adult children was in the home during her illness---(was not on lease).  He asked to live there for 6 months.   I sent him a lease---it was never sent back---sent another one---no again. He paid us 2 months rent ----then stopped---tried to contact him, nothing until he sent text saying he was moving out and would pay the rent in arrears.  That's been 4 weeks now and I asked a property manager to go by and look at place -----she called and said----its not empty---someone is still there.  He lied and refuses to communicate with us.  We still have a small mortgage on this property and are now having to pay 2 mortgages here and there.  We are retired and need good advice.  Thanks Marilyn LeFoy
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Unfortunately there is only one solid way to do this and this is post and file an actual eviction. You can evict on the premise of non-payment as well as many other things that seem to be wrong here. Your property manager can do this and represent you. You will want to have all proof and paper trail of communications to make this go smoothly and quickly through the court. Good Luck and evict them ASAP!!!
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