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late rent/partial payment after notice to vacate was issued

Our tenant have the option to make rent payment directly into our account. After notice to vacate was issued. She deposited partial payment into our account. What should I do in this situation?

Continue to go through with the notice to vacate and set up a meeting with the tenant, find out what the cause is, they may have fell on hard times and you may be able to make some sort of agreement. If nothing else you can continue with the eviction and remove the tenant ASAP.
Hello, I have a tenants that are over 30 days late they made some of the payment but now are complaining that leak in the bathroom has caused mold problems which they want repaired.  They said the contacted the health dept. inspector who is sending us a letter regarding the situation.  Also stated they are not sending October rent until problem is fixed.  We are not Slum Landlords we have fixed several problems with out delay, but they do not want my licensed contractor to make repairs he has tried several times to contact them and they won't return his call.  He is saying the mold problem is superficial and can be easily repaired.  I have had nothing but problems with these renters and I would prefer to evict them while I have circumstances to do so.  Teresa
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