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boy did i screw up.

I have a renter that says he didn't sign a lease and now he's told me he's moving and he's not supplying me with a 30-day notice. Do I have to return his deposit? I have been dealing with a dyeing mother and was unable to catch up with him to get the rental lease signed. And when I finally do catch up with him he tells me he's moving out. and it's far from the end of the month. He was told the lease was a 1 year lease but he's denying any knowledge of the lease at all. I know I fell short but my head just hasn't been in the game. will I  required to pay back his deposit.?
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A Verbal agreement will hold up but is usually considered for month to month leases.  He should still give the 30 days notice.  You can use the deposit for the remainder of rent however make sure you have a forwarding address and still send him other notices that you need to send like a security deposit accounting statement and what it will be used for.  Always be sure to get a lease signed, it can be done quickly these day by email and digital signing. You will be sure to avoid a head-ache.
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