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Renter left condo in a mess

I feel that the security deposit should not be returned but I need to know what I can legally charge them for.   The wooden floor were damage by their dog, not only scratched up, but urine stained.  The floors had to be redone and I would like to charge them for that. The carpet was beyond cleaning because of dirt and urine stains through the carpet.  I don't plan on charging them for new carpet, but the carpet cleaner said it was beyond cleaning so he did not attempt to clean.  The screen in one of the bedrooms was torn, one of the 36x76 closet mirror doors was cracked at the top, holes were left and not patched in the wall, stove was filthy and scratched, crack in bifold closet door and other tiny items, like smoke detector cover missing, socket covers broken, and just unclean.  I have photos of all of this.  Any input is appreciated.
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Start compiling a list of damages and documenting them by photos and receipts.  Send them a list of deductions and any extra costs as well as a copy to have if this goes to court. If you have significant proof that this is not normal wear and tear you will be able to get the money collected through the court system.  If the security covers it all you are one up because you will not have to chase them down for money owed. You may definitely use the security deposit. Good luck, I hope this helped at least a little.
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