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OHIO_Non Renewal of Lease and Sale of Property

Need advice, We have tentant lease expiring June 30th, 2015. The signed 6 month lease ending june 30th then month to month afterwards. We served "Non Renewal of Lease" and "Sale of Property" June 2, 2015. Had enough of them. (other matters not listed here. )WE servered a "Notice to Vacate" June 15th for 06/30/2015. Since this is a Non-Renewal of Lease and we have given plenty of time to vacate. When can we serve 3 day notice.   They are coming back saying we have to give them 60 days notice to vacate with Lease up 30th this month. I have Cleaning fees, Pet Fees not paid, Vilotation "New Pet" and broken Vilotation of current Pets  Ammendent (No vet or shots) on current. We were trying to end this with out dragging them thought the mud (since it's family).   help & advice

Yes you may serve a 3 day notice, and with the non renewal notice there should have a been an end date. If there was an end date then you will not need the notice.  If there was not all you would need is 30 day at most for a month to month.
Thank you for responding. Since the "Non Renewal Notice" was serviced (email and hand delivered in person) June 2nd, 2105. With Lease Ending date June 30th as called out in the lease. We called out with lease ending June 30th. We also sent a Notice to Vacation (last 15 days (June 16th served email and hand delivered) by end of Lease date June 30th. Rent was normally due 2nd. Should we server 3 day notice July 2nd -giving them the weekend the July 7th to get out?  I know we will have to take this all the way to a red tag.
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