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Giving notice for tenant to move out

I have a month to month tenant that I would like to end my contract with.  It requires a two week notice when they are to move out.  I would like to give them a thirty day notice to move out. They are current on the rent but have violated several of the rental agreements and I no longer want to rent to them.  What form do I use and must it say eviction.?  I just want to break my Rental agreement with them.  To many problems and he is abusive and beats his girlfriend.  They make up the next day.  Cops have been called, etc.  Thank You.  New to EZ Forms, FL Landlord.

I believe as long as you give at least 30 days notice, you should be fine. I think you could even just use a non renewal. Read through your lease agreement and see what terms you set and than you will know exactly what you can do. Good luck to ya!!
Thank You Bill.  I read through and I did use the Non Renewal with a move out date of Nov. 30, 2015. Thank You for your quick reply and I am glad I joined EZForms.  Chuck FLoyd
To move a tenant, it is always important to place a 3 day or 30 day notice for your tenant. Now, the best one can be specified by a professional according to your desire. Such notices include the reason of eviction. So, if you cannot place the same properly, you will not get the legal aid.
What happens if tenant doesn't move out at end of 10 day notice and he hasn't paid his rent.
When a tenant does not or refuses to move with notification then you will file through your court, per your State and local law requirements. If your state is like Indiana, we must file and evict only through the court system if the notice to vacate does not get them out.
I finally was able to sit down and talk to my tenant about why he was not able to pay his rent at this time.  He stated he and his son will vacate the property without any problems to me.  He said he was sorry and would be out by or before the end of the month and that when he gets his income tax refund he will pay me whatever amount he will owe by the time he leaves.  There are several violations of our week to week agreement which he acknowledged and said I would not have to go through the eviction process.  He has been a decent tenant up until he become involved with a nice young lady that is when his decline started.  The property he is in is only a one bedroom 700 square foot house and she and her 2 kids made it unsafe in many ways for them to be there most of the time. This exceeded the number of people allowed to be there on a continuous basis.  Another violation a broken down unregistered vehicle (his) in drive way for several weeks.  Then 4th violation beside late rent is he allowed a guest to leave her dog there while they went shopping and the dog damaged bathroom door trying to get out of bathroom where they had left him while they were gone. When he and I talked last night we both agreed I would have to go through eviction process if I would give him until end of the month to move out.  My question is can our verbal agreement be held up in court if it turns out he doesn't move out by our agreed time frame?
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