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pay or Quit  vs requesting tenant move out due to change in family circumstances

We have complete mess on our hands .We have a tenant who is 5 months behind in rent.We can't afford a lawyer though state of Delaware provides free legal advice to deadbeat tenants who have no moral compass.We gave her the pay or Quit notice but here is where I erred.I did not cite code 5502 and I included pet violation(7 dogs and 5 cats)phew!We did'nt realize that should be separate.We need immediate possession as family members need a roof over their heads.We were recently told by a fellow landlord that it is better to just request tenant vacate due to family circumstances instead of pay or Quit because the judge may grant her more time to pay. Is this true? Now we're more confused.We are raising grandchildren one with a disability and live on appension and the rental.My grandchildren did without Christmas due to this moocher.I accept responsibility due to my ignorance but we never had this problem before.She makes me so furious.She doesn't. Care that she is causing us to go into foreclosure. Thirty years of hard work and memories about to be gone .Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

Find a lawyer that will work with you for no upfront cost and to help you keep the house. You will be able to hire a lawyer that will take payment upon settlement and whose best interest is to get the most out of the tenant as well as reclaim your property. Talk to a real estate attorney ASAP. A phone call cost nothing and they will be able to lead you in the right direction.
Yeah! contacting the real estate attorney was only the best option. Whats the current situation? It is very important to proceed in the correct direction and this is only possible with the guidance of a lawyer. Laws vary from state-to-state and change from time-to-time. Always consult with a qualified professional lawyer like before making any decisions about your legal matters.
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