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non compliant tenant

I am looking to evict a tenant in a strange situation. we were dealing with HUD (KY ASSISTED HOUSING) but found out we were mislead on some things; we had let the people get the key the day before we signed the contract. They moved in asap. we then told them we could not work with HUD and had found out that tenants damaged the last hiome they were i and the boyfriend/husband had been arrested several times. we told them to be out in 2 weeks. since then she has not even tried to find a new place, has 2 large dogs(a mastiff and st. bernard inside the house; she said she had a mastiff but it could stay outside.they also agreed to smoke outside. we have caught them smoking, dogs in the house at all hours and there is junk all around the premises; house smells awful and she had agreed to start paying $28/day as a pro rated amount =until they got out but has not paid a dime and owes us for the water tas well. i found out  theree is a 7 day eviction notice if there is no contract or money paid so i plan on serving her with this this evening. does anyone know anyting about this?

I am not sure about HUD but I do know, it sounds like they have violated several portions of your lease. I think with HUD you can contact them and report the tenants. You will definitely want to make sure you give all the proper notice and to research laws and regulations with the HUD section 8. Good luck.
i am in the same boat as you only difference i have 4 non compliant tenants, they even go as far as threaten me.
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