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Do I have legal rightsd to evict

Hello, I have a problem I have been stressing over.  My new Tenant and his girl friend moved in on the 6th of April.  I got deposit and rent checks.  Went to cash and his account was frozen.  I have managed to get partial payment of rent.  But not full amount. No security deposit or pet deposit and they have animals.  They seem to think the lease he signed means nothing and a harassing me everyday to put up a fence for them that I said up front and is in the lease , that it would take 2 months to erect.   The side yard fence was put up within the 2 weeks that we agreed on.  Do I have grounds to evict???

Yes you can evict on the grounds that they have not paid and you do not need to do anything to the property unless it is agreed upon in the lease or if the property is damaged, These are the only repairs you NEED to make.
Do not accept partial payments of rent as it is viewed as acceptance of a payment plan and will delay the eviction process. Contact your local housing court and begin the process for eviction.
I did give notice to vacate and filed eviction. I'm sure they will fight it. I recently discovered that he is a convicted felon and lied on application. Plus last landlord reference was bogus. The fake reference spoke to me and lied about being his landlord. I have all my pictures and documents ready for court. Thank you all!
Good luck! Sounds like you will have no problem in court. Be sure to change those locks after he gets evicted!
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