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Evicted tenant appealing decision

We evicted tenant, went to court, won the eviction. 10thday and 5 minutes before closing, tenant appealed eviction. As far as I can see she had no reason giving for appeal. She had to pay prorated portion of current month rent. She is still one months behind. Court is set for 14th of next month and she has to pay a prorated amount of rent again.  Any suggestions of what to bring to court? I have documented all rent paid and what she still owes.  Her statement was "I'm not going to let my kids miss xmas because of your greed" (I wanted the rent). And she gets to stay for very little rent paid.
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Well if they loose they can be held responsible for everything and the time that that it took. This can include legal fees and loss for a vacant property. Bring all paper work that you have had from court, and any communication that you have had with the tenant until this point.
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