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Can a landlord charge for services not rendered? (Carpets)

I am not a landlord- so I appreciate anyone that can give me advice!  We lived in a condo that allowed pets and had multiple tenants. The carpets are 10 years old this year. The landlord is accusing us of having 'excessive' pet staining. I know everyone says 'it wasn't them' but our dogs are 8 years old, potty trained, and not allowed in many of the rooms. I digress though. Let's say it IS our pets excessive staining.  The landlord is selling the condo and had carpet estimators come out while we were literally packing boxes. Apparently as a 'bargaining chip'. But we all know- the carpets were going to be replaced.  Sure enough, carpets were replaced, but we are still being charged for what the cost of removing stains would have been. The total is over $500. These services were not actually rendered. We had an appointment with the carpet cleaners- as stated in our lease- but she turned them down due to 'excessive pet staining' and said the carpets were so bad, that they couldn't leave them as is and had to replace them.  Is this legal? She is withholding that amount from our security deposit. Can landlords charge for services that were never rendered? We live in Idaho.
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I do not believe but I would really read your lease thoroughly to find who is responsible for what. Then look up your state laws pertaining responsible parties.
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