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2 roomates, one is moving out before contract ends.

2nd roomate knows she still has to pay rent, but wants to leave. 1st roomate is wondering if she can change locks. she doesn't want 2nd to come and go. they are not getting along. they have only been there 3 1/2 mo's. 2nd never finished unpacking and was never there. Also 2nd has a cat who was locked in bedroom and did damage I have dep from her that should be enough to fix.

Hi Robin, How long is your lease for and did both of the tenants sign the lease?
It's one year, ending 11/30/2016. Yes they both signed. They both also broke the lease by painting the bedrooms without permission, which is in the lease. I agreed to one cat with a deposit, found out they had three. the girl that had permission for one cat actually had two and the other girl brought hers with out asking.
OMG! sorry to hear that. You have every right to evict all of them. No one can change the locks until someone is off the lease or evicted.  The lease amount needs to be paid, check the wording in your lease, and you can check you state statutes but in Minnesota they are still responsible for the rents even if evicted, unless or until a new renter is found. You could offer the 2nd a way out of the lease,maybe by paying a flat amount to break the lease, and keep deposit for cat damage. I have been to court three times and I have won the rent payments, but trying to get it out of them is tricky. Also the judge doesn't always go by the Lease that was signed or the state laws for that matter. I was not awarded any late fees or my costs to deal with everything. I would also request an additional deposit for every cat after the first. If you can negotiate with them instead of eviction and court it is to your advantage as well as their own. I would love to here how it goes.Good Luck Robin
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