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Abandonment of Leased Property

I believe my tenant has abandoned the leased premises. I mailed a Notice of Belief of Abandonment to the address and left a copy on the door. The tenant has not made contact for over 2 months. His phone is disconnected and does not respond to repeated e-mails. I believe the property left behind is less than $700.00.  Can I retake the premises without having to file court documents and dispose of the property as needed?? Resides in state of California.

Yes you can you will want to file eviction, or submit the notice to the court that the property has been abandoned and the notices you already sent/posted. You may change the lock and prepare the property for new tenants.
I rent rooms from my home to individuals or couples. After a couple miss the dealing to fulfill there obligation of there lease. I have notice the tenants personal property was gone. I had made numerous attempts by text, call and emails in trying to reach both parties.  But unfortunately with no luck in having either of them in contacting me. What are the steps I need to take to make sure I comply with the law and getting that room put back on the market?
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