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Need only the aggresor of domistic violence moved out

Un married couple for short time. She gone to jail for felony domistic violence and male does not want her back. These two rent a bedroom in my house and she had moved in several months ago with him, he who has resided for over two years. I live in this house as well and was ok with her move in til her drinking got in the way. I have been studying this legal issue and am looking for advise on how to make sure she is moved out . He has submitted for protection in the local court and i will soon submit for tresspassing. If you choose to respond i thank you so very much.
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You will need to do an official eviction and the reason can be simply because she is a danger to herself and the other occupants of the house. You will need to file eviction with the court but I would not assume it be a problem as she is a convicted felon.
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