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No rent money.

Hello, I rented part of of my house to a lady with 2 kids a month ago and her husband coming on weekends only but now at day they are a total of 7 people, they had not paying rent when due date was on the first of each month I had been calling but she'd locked me out I had been knocking the door several times with no answer what can I do?

I would really read your lease, it sounds like they are breaking it, with the added occupants and the late rent. You can start by sending a warning of a violation and if they do not fix the issues, start the eviction process.
For the unpaid rent, issue a 3-day Pay or Quit notice since you are in California.  For the extra people not on the lease, issue a 3-day Cure or Quit notice.  If they fail to correct either situation, you can start the eviction process.  If they avoid you, use post and mail to deliver the 3-day notices.    Here is a link to information about landlord tenant law in California:
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