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What to do after the Eviction due day is up 6 days ago.

I recently issued, mailed and have the tenents signature for a 30 No cause eviction. It has been now 6 days after the eviction due date. I went to the property today and found that they have moved out however there is a letter on the floor of the entry way stating "Do not enter, This property has not been vacated". No signature . The doors were unlocked. There is still some personal items in the house that I could see from the door. Can I lock them out? What is my legal rights as of today? I am in Oregon. Which legal direction should I take? Thank you, David Oregon
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Okay this is tough and the tenants seem to be a little sketchy to leave a note like that even though they were asked to leave! There are 3 possible ways to get your property back. One way is the tenant can easily hand the keys over, another way is if the tenant abandons the rental without telling anyone if they are coming back or not, and lastly, if the landlord goes to court, gets an order and if tenant doesn't leave after a hearing to have the sheriff get the tenant out. Landlords cannot legally change locks or force the tenant out.
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