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Unpaid Judgement

Had to do my first eviction a few months back.   Tennant was a nightmare.  Took 3 months to get her out (of course no rent was paid).  Had to hire a lawyer, and on top of it all  left the place filthy and damaged.  Between the rent owed, attorney fees, and damaged items I was awarded $3900 in court.  This lady is a true con artist and I know I will never see a dime.  I am supposed to be happy I finally got her out of my rental, but it angers me to no end that she does not have to pay and she will go on to do this to others!!  Any suggestions to how I can at least get a portion of this money back?  If not can I write this off on my taxes this year? How can I be sure that it is put on her credit record? Thanks for any help.

Ugh that is frustrating! I would definitely report her to credit bureau's, make sure you have all the documentation when doing this. Get new tenants as soon as you can so you are still making a profit. Screen tenants before they are accepted. Make sure their credit history is reliable. That will help you avoid this in the future. Sorry this happened.
File a civil lawsuit against her, ask to have her wages garnished, income tax returns, everything a lawyer could think of...including any legal fees which you incurred, clean up, fees for eviction, loss of rent etc. Once a judgement for eviction has been grated by the courts, it is reported to the credit companies, it does take time, but she will have this on her credit report as well as any other court records. Yes, you can claim any and all expenses on your income taxes .  If you are not sure, consult your income tax person, so all documentation is in order prior to your appointment. Good luck, I'm dealing with the same issues at this time.
Sorry, forgot to mention..--if your total loss exceeds the amount of your local small claims court--then I suggest you proceed with a civil suit. My jurisdiction is only $3,000.00 while some are higher.  My tenant owes me much more then that, just in past due rent, late fees & penalty fees, not to mention all the other costs, I will have to file a civil suit against them. Once again, good luck.
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