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Security Deposit Dispute

If I sent notice of intent to impose claim on security deposit to former tenant and they respond disputing my claim.  What happens next?

They would need to follow up with you and take you to small claims. You can proceed as you would by sending them a notie and breakdown of charges and what the security is being used for. Anything beyond normal wear and tear you will be finem be sure to have all receipts and quotes of work done as well as pictures.
You should have an itemized list of repairs of damage and cleaning for the property.  You can not charge for repair of regular wear and tear.  You should also have picture before the tenant moved-in and pictures of what they damaged.   Deduct the cost of repairs from the deposit.  Provide the remaining deposit funds and list of how the deductions were used.  OR if its not a lot of money or it was a long time fairly good tenant just return the deposit.
I agree pictures are a must to protect yourself and prove your case in court. Wear and Tear is a deep subject in itself. Wear and Tear is from normal use and age. You can even charge for damages on carpet 5 years old but you have to prorate it given the expected life of the carpet which is usually 10 years so your loss is 5 years and you can charge the tenant for the 5 years lost. Now if they lived there 10 years and the carpet is destroyed, you can't charge them.  Wear and Tear is not the lack of maintenance or proper usage by the tenant and I stipulate that in my lease. So if the refrigerator is disgusting and covered in mold, I would get rid of it and charge them for another frig. of similar style regardless of age. I rented to a judge one time and had damages, he tried to intimidate me when I made a deduction for damages but I sent him a copy of the receipts and picture of the damage and I never heard from him again.
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