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move out walk through

In Michigan, must a tenant be present for the move-out walk through (a very difficult tenant/bully) and is there a time frame of when walk through must take place prior to end of lease?
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The tenant should be there but is not required. Make sure to take pictures of everything whether they are there are not and make sure there is a timestamp on it. If there are damages or repairs that need to be made that will be deducted from the Security Deposit, itemize them and sed this as a notice to the tenant as well. As for a time period it should be done on the day that they move out or return keys. You do not want to wait too long after the end of the lease again there is no required time however if you need to notify them within a specific amount of time about deductions(your state may have required time frame to send notice or security back) you would want to get the walkthrough done asap.
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