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Early termination and rent due

My tenant gave us an early termination notice.  She will be moving out 45 days before the lease term.  We plan to list the property for sale at the term of her lease, so we are not interested in bringing on new tenants.  We did advertise the house for rent but only for the 45 days she will have vacated(there has been no activity on our add).  If she doesn't pay the rent for the remainder of her term, what kind of communication do I send her requesting the rent to be paid?  Also, if she pays a portion of her rent, can I charge a late fee for that month?
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You can send her a demand for rent, usually this notifies the tenant that they will be taken to court if they do not pay. This would need to be settled in small claims. You could also use the security deposit to cover the cost of rent not paid or the 45 days until the property is listed. Finding a new tenant for one month may be more a hassle than it is worth. Be wary of who you take in for such a short term unless you make it more of a vacation rental.
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