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Damages unable to be repaired- security deposit question

How do I know how much I can charge for damages that are unable to be repaired? For example, the child used a permanent marker on the concrete floor and garage walls. The cleaning crew attempted to clean them up and were unable to do so. The walls were just drywall, unpainted and  the concrete floor has kid graffiti on it. They might have found it endearing, I most certainly do not. (And i have little kids too). We are in California. They left the house a mess and also have a $1000 cleaning fee to pay for the interior cleaning, and $160 for damages to fridge parts. Thanks.

The repair that comes immediately to my mind is to paint the floor and walls.
You would charge the tenant as much as it takes to make the full repair, or get a quote from a contractor so that you have proof as to the amount of damage done.
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