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mid month notice to leave

My rental property is in NC. Tenants lease is set to expire April 1st. she texted me March 4th to apologize for the rent being late AGAIN. She went on to say (for the 3rd time), that she must've misspelled my address because she received it back in the mail. She said she was hospital with parent and would be home Monday and she'll mail it again. March 8th, She texted me saying she had decided it better for her to move in with her mother to assist her and that I should tear up the rent check( which still never showed up), and consider this month as her last months deposit. I replied by explaining that she could not wait until midmonth and decide she didn't have to pay . I expected her to pay for the month we are already in (March) and I will consider April her last months rent. She responded that she'll pay me nothing because she knows I won't be returning her security deposit. what steps should I take P.S a friend went by and told me the house has alot of damage

If this is a month to month lease the tenant is fully responsible for the full months rent by law with out a 30 day notice. You can keep all of the money that you get or use the security deposit for the month of missed rent and take to small claims for any lost money or damages. Also  make sure the tenant is out and keep record of the fact that they are moving out. Change the locks and start repairing the damages.
This was an annual lease. Due to expire April 1st. She told me she was leaving March 8th and I was to use the security deposit as her last month (March). When I notified her, she was already late for the month of March, and I would consider April as her last month.  See original email for more detail.
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