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Tenant moved out & changed locks w/ 2 months left in Lease

A problem tenant moved out the day before our demand for the remainder of his security deposit deadline (he owes $550 of $1150). We saw a U haul and got pictures of it being actively loaded and full. Tenant has paid rent through the month but there are 2 months left on the lease. I determined the U haul is going one way out of state. Apartment looks empty. No forwarding address. Tenant never gave written notice but said he will be back by the end of the month.       Locks changed, deposit not fulfilled, apparently abandoned unit. Utilities are included so tenant could not turn those off. We need to enter unit to check if there has been further malicious damage, are we in our rights in Colorado? We are happy to have this tenant leave, we inherited him when we bought the building 2 weeks ago. Tenant signed a 3 month lease which we told him we would not renew. Any Guidance would be appreciated!  Cheers!
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The tenant is responsible for the rent of the term. The landlord is required to give reasonable notice to enter the property. I do believe that changing locks is illegal without permission as well. I would most definitely get a consult with an attorney.
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