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Security deposit and right to enter

I live in CO, I am letting my tenants out early, giving them $$ to leave early (so I can get back into my house, though they knew they had till lease up, July 2016) and applying last month's rent from security deposit.  They "want" their remainder of deposit back the day they move out, though that is the only day they are willing to "let me" do a walk through, how long do I have before I have to legally give them the remainder of their deposit back? They are pissed that they have to move, so are being VERY difficult, he won't even "let me" do a walk through before I apply March's rent from deposit...
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First they cannot refuse you legally from doing a walkthrough with written 24 hour notice. You have the right to enter that property as long as this notice is sent. I would send it by mail, email and post it to the door of the premises and take a photo. Then do your walkthrough. Chances are they are hiding something and if they are your in luck you can just evict them and withhold the money that you would be giving them. If you do the walkthrough and everything is fine, usually you are required to give them a security deposit withholding sheet 14 days after they leave the property. This saying that you will use this much of the deposit to  cover so and so damages. If this is needed. Then 30 days is the amount of time you legally have to return the full deposit. Good Luck.
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