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time frame taking ex tenaants to court

My ex-tenants moved out leaving filth, carpets full of pee from pets and  various other cleaning and damages...when it was all said and done, they owed several thousand dollars...over and above their deposit and pets fees.  now they are bulking and are drawing out the process by asking for pictures of every damage, before and after cleaning pictures, receipts for everything as well as our contractors licenses etc..  I have all of the above and have sent to them everything they have requested... how long do I have to give them before I can take them to court.  I thought it was 30 days from the final billing but I have been told several things now.. 30,45, 60... does anyone know?
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You can send them a notice of intent for court action if the payment is not paid by what ever date you  find reasonable. If you have pictures and proof of damages as well as receipts you will be able to reclaim all money through small claims court. Start filing with your court immediately so that there is a record of it and the tenant knows you are serious.
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