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CALIF 30 day notice - Tenant has not opened ezLandlord email

Emailed the 30 day notice thru ezLandlord forms and both tenants has not opened the email.   Both tenants were advised in a previous email that notice would be coming that is most likely why they have not opened.   Copies of the notice were also mailed the same day via certified mail return receipt, delivery was attempted but unsuccessful.   Will the 30 day notice move out date apply or will we have to start over to prove we sent the notice?  They have sent several emails asking if we will allow one of the tenants to stay in the rental even though one has moved out and stated they signed a lease for another home. Thank you in advance for your feedback!
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I would serve the notice in person as well to be sure it is received. They are obviously avoiding it. Did you email them back with a response to one tenant staying? If so, did they respond to that?
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