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Security Deposit

My tenants moved out 2 months early (which I agreed to allow, they were buying a house).   They didn't do any cleaning after move out. The floors were dirty, tub, appliances, etc, had to be cleaned.  Multiple light bulbs where burnt out (Cost me $65.00 to replace all light bulbs...states in lease they are to replace these upon move out) Damage to paint/drywall, broken bathroom tile, refrigerator door has dent in it.   I was thinking of  waiving all above listed items/fees, except for the charge of  below item.    Fan blades, which were damaged (this is a discontinued model, can't get new blades, purchase a fan equivalent to or below what's there now. I have found one for $95.00 .. this is below what I have).   Two garage door openers they failed to return when moving out, I even gave them a extra week to mail them to me and they didn't. So I purchased new ones and gave them to new tenant (charging for those replacements $75.00).   I have receipt for both items I'm charging for and I have listed all the items I am willing to  waive.    Does this agreement seem fair, tenants are mad about me charging for garage door openers, since they returned them a week later (after I bought and gave new ones to now tenant)?
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