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Abandonment of property

we received an email from our tenants after our final request for past due rent.  They stated that they are in California and have found a house there.  They stated that they will have the remainder of things out by the 16th of this month.  We had notified a neighbor of the house to keep an eye on it since it was vacant, they let me know someone was there.  We rushed over thinking someone broke in, and it was the tenants parents and their 5 dogs!  After a lot of back and forth the tenant let me know there were numerous things broken in the house so we gave them a 24 hr entry notice to check and fix the problems.  They didn't want us entering, but we had the police meet us there and entered.  Luckily their parents had left with the dogs, but we discovered they had the gas turned off on the 5th and did not notify us.  Now we run the risk of the pipes busting.  Even though they say they will be back this following weekend to collect the remainder of their things is this considered abandonment?  And if so, can we change the locks?
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