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The rental property is located in Georgia.  The main tenant is now in Ohio.  She left her adult son in the unit since August or Sept 2016 and has not returned.  She has been sending partial payments or full payments by money gram since she has been in Ohio.  She short paid December this month of $50.00 and does not think she owes late fees.  She has late fees from October of   Nov  & Dec.    1. Can I file eviction for 50.00 + all late fees & current rent if it is not paid by the 5th of the month.  Also, can this amount be placed on the 3 Day Quit or Demand Letter. 2. Since she is in Ohio how is the best way to serve her.  Mailed general mail and Certified letters has been sent to her over the past few months but returned.  These same letters have been sent and give to the adult son.   The son was not on the lease prior to her leaving town.  Since then I have added him to the lease.  He does pay partial rent and his utilities.  Her daughter is on the lease but not sure where she is.   3. Can I serve the son on her behalf and send her a certified letter with a return signature.   4. By her going to Ohio is this considered abandonment.   5. The lease was also violated when the gas was disconnected and has not been reconnected.  My concern is the colder months with the pipes getting cold.  Regards Nadine
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