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Recouping costs for property damage

My tenant moved out of my property and has left behind extensive damage.  He also had a pet that was not disclosed on his lease (as well as 2 additional tenants).  His security deposit covered one month's rent, but the damages are in the thousands of dollars.  The repairs have to be completed because I am selling the house.  How do I go about asking him to cover a portion of the costs?  I really don't want to go to court over this unless it's absolutely necessary.

Make sure to document all the damage, having pictures and use an inspection list. with all damages listed and prices of the damage caused. Negotiate with the tenant reasonably.
Thanks.  I took pictures and provided him receipts for all of the repairs.  I asked him to pay the pet deposit (since he did not originally disclose that he had a pet), pay the fix the door he damage, and cover half of the costs to repair the walls and repaint.  I covered the expense of floor repairs and all other expenses, which was more than 2/3 of the costs.  Unfortunately, he is being disagreeable, so I will have to take further action.  Thanks for your input!
I've been unsuccessful in reporting my tenant's debt to the credit bureau.  Has anyone been able to do this?
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