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forwarding address noT given

the tenants was given summary of passion, and 60 day notice to terminate the lease,  was to be out bye 3/2/17  out 0n3/4/17 They set up the time to meet them on 3/5/17 at 10';00 am to do walk through  never showed up I waited 1 1/2 hours for them  no show   there  was  extensive damage to interior and the 4.5 acres  they left a mess of things all over the property  and tour up the ground, driving over septic and leaving huge  holes and traffic holes where the got stuck with trucks and autos   THEY DIDN'T PROVIDE A FORWARDING ADDRESS  SO WHERE DO I SEND  SECURITY DEPOSIT ACCOUNTING STATEMENT
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Is there any contact info on the application. Cosigner? References? Job they worked at? I always get a cosigner even if I screen them and they "look" reliable. Having a cosigner just gives tenants another reason to keep paying and taking care of their business. Good luck.
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