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Commercial Notice to Quit

We have a commercial property that is being used as an assisted living home.  Tenants are getting paid for care of residents but they are not paying the rent and are 3 months behind now. The tenants do not live in the home, it is a business. Do I still have to give a 7 day notice to quit like it's a residential property? I called the St. of Alaska and was advised that they can remove the residents within a couple days of notification.  I just need to know how many days do I have to give them to pay?  Also, they are known for making partial payments and stringing us along (going on two years now that they have not paid on time). If I accept a partial payment can I still evict, or does the process start over like residential does?  We're getting buried with paying their mortgage and our personal home. We may lose everything if I don't act soon.  Please HELP!
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Unfortunately you will need to  most likely seek an attorney for this or work closely with your city.   You should have and can evict for the first breach of contract. You need to file your notices and paperwork ASAP.
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