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Tenants moved out early ... California

Tenants sent a text stating they will be gone in 18 days.  I asked for this in writing and that I wanted 30 days.  I don't want a text.  Can I prorate the the 12 days for the upcoming month or do I take this from their security deposit if they don't pay it?

The security deposit is used for damages mainly. I would prorate rent.
Tenants are required to give you a 30 days' notice. Before I respond further....are tenants on a lease or month-to-month?
i have the same situation and my tenants are month to month....Stan M?
Tina....Tenants are required to give a written 30 days' notice. However (there's always a however) if it went to court you'll probably be asked if you received a notice (even by email). I'm not sure how the judge would rule. On another note, if you didn't receive a written notice, tenants could change their position and not move. Requiring a written notice with signature(s) is definitely preferred. In CA the notice can be given anytime during the month. More can be discussed after tenant leaves. Keep me updated.
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