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month to month no 30 notice/CT

I have a tenant to had a 1 yr lease agreement then went month to month stating they wanted to buy their own home. In May he stated that they found a home to buy but that fell though this happened twice  then in June said they where looking at other home  the loan status was up in the air would like me know we asked for 30 day notice.. ok July comes pays me half the rent on the 9th and says he will let me know on Monday if the got the house or not on Tuesday I called him and he still had no answer on the status of the loan so on the 15th of July he came and paid the other half of the rent. (he is just making up his own rules at this point) now on the 22nd of July I get a text message that everything went though and he would be out before the 1st. Well he is not out.  Now what. Does he pay for the month of Aug. is the 22nd the last day... Any input would be greatly appreciated

Yes If in your lease it states Rent is due on the FIRST OF EACH MONTH this tenant needs to follow the lease. If he is giving 30 day notice he will still have to pay for the month of the thirty day notice. He cannot just opt out of paying the rent. Really read over your lease and suggest that the tenant reads it too because it sounds like he IS just making up his own rules and that is going to cost you. Sorry you are going through that.
MY   sister refuses to leave she did not sign a lease and since I gave her a great deal she is refusing to leave. a verbal agreement was given and she says I can not raise the rent  A 30 days notice is pending
My girlfriend  refuses to leave Its my house. 30 days must be given? So what is need to do this
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