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serving tenant with court papers

I have a tenant, That i will be evicting when the three day notice expires in a couple of days. This tenant is notorious for not answering his door when home, He was fired from his job, So serving him at work also  out. Even though i have a really good process server, I am concerned about getting him served if he won't answer the door and lives alone. This is in California. Any Advice.  Thanks J.H.

All states allow personal service to be made by law officers, (Sheriff, marshal, or constable) I believe there is a fee but if you win the fee can be added to the tenants fees.
Check your local court service requirements. I have a rental in Santa Maria, Ca. and it is possible to under certain circumstances to post notice and follow up with certified mail. You don't actually have to physically hand the tenant the notice if you can't locate them or they refuse to come to the door, (I've had that problem a couple of times). Also, when I post anything or attempt contact I use a video camera mounted in my vehicle to record the event. That way I have proof of attempted delivery, a date and time stamp and a record of any interface I have with an uncooperative tenant. If you leave the window open on your car, a windshield mounted "Go-Pro" or similar device is sensitive enough to record your conversation with a tenant 40-70 feet away, (if street sounds allow). Good luck!
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