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Verbal 60 Day Early Termination Agreement?

It is not in our signed lease, but we have a verbal agreement that the tenant or the landlord can terminate the lease early if they give the other party 60 days notice from date of termination.  Is this legal? I need to use this agreement for one tenant in my house because they are damaging property through neglect and misuse. They are a nice person, but careless and clueless. I dont want them harming things when I am out of town or causing a problem for my other tenant. I plan to give a 60 day notice tomorrow, though they have already paid rent for May. We discussed this possibility when they signed the lease, that either of us can early terminate with 60 days. Is that acceptable?
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Verbal agreements are touchy because there is no written proof. I would always have a written and signed agreement so that you are covered. That is just my suggestion. You can get royally screwed if you don't cover yourself.
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