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Eviction and Laws Regarding Evictions

my brother-in-law and sister in law and their 7 month old, 2 yr old, and 13 year old children are currently living in Alabama with my sister in laws dad and step mom. But, they r having to pay 1000 a month in rent and pay over 800 in food for everyone in the house including his father and mother in law. He pays the rent religiously on the 27th of the month, including on June 27, 2016. However, on the 10th of July (Sunday) his father in law said that they have to get out by no later than Friday the 15th Of July. Can he legally do this. They don't have a written contract. So, we were just wondering if they can legally evict them like this? They have not given them a legal written eviction notice?

If there is not written contract then it would go by the laws of a month to month lease, he has to have 30 days notice. Now your family will need to provide proof of payment and that they were living there like mail picture etc. Also contact a lawyer.
I have a tenant in Arkansas that we delivered an eviction notice to on the 21st of August. As of August 27th their personal property (furniture, etc.) is still within the apartment. What is my next legal step?
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