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rent and eviction

Hello, I am a landlord in Pennsylvania.  My question is can a landlord charge for 2 months additional rent if he evicts a tenant?  Within our lease we charge 2 months additional rent if the tenant breaks the lease. We have a situation where we gave the tenant an eviction notice due to lease violations and want to know if we can charge the tenant 2 months additional rent?
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I have never heard of this, when you evict a tenant you are entitled to the security deposit as well as any extra monies to help cover repairs and preparations costs for new tenants. I would focus more on finding new tenants and preparing the property than two months rent which may not be legal. If you have it previously written in the lease then yo may have more right to do so. I would speak to an attorney about this so that they cannot follow up with retaliation. In eviction I try to simply get them out as quickly and cleanly as possible with very little or no vacant time between tenants.
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