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Domestic partner ship gone wrong

I have some questions ? I am currently going through a break up of 18 years domestic partnership  he left the house to move to another house and I stayed here i have been paying the mortgage payment but reciently  he was threatening me that I wouldn't have a place to live so I stopped paying the rent  and told him I wouldn't not pay anymore until there is a contract he is continuing to threaten me about paying the bills . But still has not giving me a rental agreement . His address is currently still this address with all his bills and I'd . I also cover him under my health insurance as a domestic partner . Do I have any rights that I can stay here and he can't evict me if I don't pay the mortgage anymore and if he can evict me how long can I stay with out paying if technically he still lives here
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Go to court or call an attorney ASAP before you get stuck with nothing. verbal contracts are still binding. I really wish you luck!
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