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Evict 19 year old son.

Our son is 19 years old. He quit school, said he was getting his ged. That was 2 years ago. He gets jobs and they might last 2 weeks then he either gets fired or quits. Every time. We want to know if it is legal to kick him out and change the locks on the doors so he can't get back in. He will not help with anything that needs to be done here. Never gives anything of his pay toward groceries or anything.what can we do. Tired of this.

You need to go through the eviction process, you cannot change the locks, if he is a threat then you may want to even consider a retaining order.  However if this is your son, try to figure out what he needs.  It may be an easy fix and you can work together to solve the problems he is having.  I have been through a divorce that destroyed my childs life, it took a lot of work, attention and never giving up but he has come so far. Actually has a family of his own and has turned the worst parts into something great. I hope that you and your family can too. They best of luck and Gods prayers be with you.
Throwing him out of your house like no one is not a better option. Your are his biological parent and you need to talk to him personally and let him understand that you are wasting your life and how you will survive if we will not be here. If you will evict your son then you will not be happy when he will suffer so talk to him first before taking any legal way to let him out of the house.
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