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4 day notice?

My tenant e-mailed me today and said that due to some personal family situation she will be moving out by January 1st.   She requested her security back.   I told her she did not give the required 30 day notice.  She said that since the current lease expired and she didn't sign a new lease this does not apply.  She is sending me harrassing texts and messages so much that I had to block her number.  I do not plan on returning any security in this situation, and I don't even know what type of damage is in the apartment since she has 2 dogs.  Anyone ever experience this situation?  Do I need to get an attorney to handle this?
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Yes seek an attorney help, but most importantly get her out of the property asap. You are indeed entitled to the security and I would simply say Once you move out I legally have X amount of days to send you a deduction costs for repairs if needed and the security deposit. In the case that all is good they will get the security back. Once they leave you can indeed send them a deductions list and can hold the full security to help cover the month of rent they skipped out on because of not proper notice. I hope this helps.
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