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vacating after verbal renewal

I have a tenant that was under lease unit 08/31/16. March of 2016 he agreed to renew lease. on 08/04/16 I get a test that he would be vacating the property end of the month. I've tried calling him numerous times. I've missed out on two opportunities to show property. he sent me a text saying the property could not be shown because it was not ready.  At that point I advised as per lease he will be provided 24hr. notice for showings. I could not delay any showings. property needs to be shown to prospective tenants.  It turns out he has family members moving his stuff. I haven't seen or spoken to him yet. He has only responded only via email and text.  His responses are always delayed. Because of the short notice departure and delayed responses I haven't had ample time to market the property for new prospective renters.  Can I hold his deposit and pet deposit. or do I still have to give it back.  We haven't done the final walkthrough yet so I don't know exactly how the property will be returned.  A recent 24hr notice inspection revealed furniture is being moved out.  No crazy damages yet noted.  Would I be in the wrong to retain the deposit for the short notice on vacating the property and delays in allowing showings.
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I do believe you are not allowed to use the security deposit for rent unless agreed upon. I would do your walkthrough and since there was not sufficient enough notice, to notify them to pay the last months rent. Verbal agreements are usually not as easy to fight for, having everything in writing is best for any issues because you will have proof. Save any text messages and anything that can prove there was a renewal, just in case. good luck.
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