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My roommate told me that he is not going to pay me any more money for rent and that I will have to evict him. So I going to give him the Va 5 day notice. But my question is that can I remove my bed and dresser that I let him use for the last two months? Can I remove my belonging from the room he is staying in after I serve him the 5 day notice. I have just a two bedroom apartment and so can I  have a friend who is will pay rent stay in that 2nd bedroom, instead of the other guy who I have to evict, and let the dead beat roommate sleep on on the couch in the living room till the sherif evicts him, or do I have to provide him a room to stay in while we are going through the eviction process.  Thanks for your help.  Desperate
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You cannot remove any personal belongings of his until the eviction is finalized. You must get the eviction through and go through official means. This is the most direct way make sure you speak to your local court and get all of the directions and details you need to solidify this. If the tenant has already moved you may need to store personal belongings. If the furniture is your then once he is off the premises you may do as you need.
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