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Damage - what can you charge for; Summit County Ohio

Hello, Our tenants recently moved out and there is damage to the wood floor. There are scratches where it looks like furniture was moved but then there is a urine stain. I have to have the floor refinished and my floor guy is concerned that he will not be able to get the stain out. There is also damage to the walls where their puppies chewed. Not horrible but we'll have to do some repair work to the walls and floor boards. I know there are some things you can charge for and some things you cannot. Would these be items I could and should deduct from the security deposit?  Thank you!
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That would be considered damage in my eyes. Normal wear and tear would be dust, matted carpet, a couple nail holes, paint fading,  frayed pull strings on blinds, loose hinges on doors, lightly scuffed hardwood floors, worn linoleum, loose wallpaper, faded curtains and dirty window screens. The information you provided above sounds like complete damage! Print up receipts for all repairs made and they go right to the tenant.
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