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Pest Extermination

I am writing to ask if I can charge for pest extermination out of a security deposit for a tenant move-out in the state of Minnesota.  Two weeks prior to the lease ending I did a walk-through of the property and noticed mice droppings. I informed the tenant that I needed to lay mice traps/bait. The tenant did not comply with my attempt to rid the pest problem, as they stated they did not want anything laid due to their cat. Upon move-out I noticed that there were many more droppings then I saw during the initial walk-through. I believe the tenant was negligent in never informing me of the mice problem. I would like to charge them $199 for the price of professional pest extermination from the tenant's security deposit. Do you believe this is acceptable to do so?

If you feel that tenant was negligent, deduct the amount from their deposit. Just remember that if tenant disagrees, they have the right to take you to Small Claims Court and you will have to convince the judge your claim. The question you should ask yourself is "Is this amount worth the trouble and time?"
Being a landlord in MN also, I would without a doubt charge and deduct the pest control costs from my tenants security deposit. This is above "normal wear and tear" and their failure to comply with your needs to mitigate the problem during their tenancy now just made it become only your problem which is not how you handed over the property I'm guessing. To have them file a small claims court fee costs about $100 and all day, I would take my chance as a landlord as long as you have receipts, emails/texts, pictures and proof. Good luck
If tenant wins in CA, they are reimbursed the cost to file.....I agree with Natalie, take a chance as long as you have documentation...... Consider the following...... if landlord counter sues, landlord will also have to pay a fee......Lets assume that Landlord has to also pay $100 filing fee and loses. How much is your time ( time to file, prepare for case, appear in court) worth? How much did you invest? Is it a lot less than the $199? Sometimes its bite the bullet and chuck it up to doing business......Remember, expense is tax deductible.
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