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Proceed to Evict

We purchased residential property with tenants residing in it.  The previous owners informed the tenant that they were selling the home verbal and in writing. According to Louisiana, we sent the tenant a friendly 24 hour notice with delivery confirmation, explaining that we are the new owners of the property and need access to inspect the inside of the premises. On the day of the inspection (the Contractor was also present), the tenant refused to let us inside of the premises. According to previous owners, the tenant was on a month to month lease because she refused to sign a full lease agreement. We were given the tenant 45 days to vacant the premises. But, she refused to allow us inside to inspect the home; therefore, we sent a 10 Day Notice to Vacant the premises.  We want to make sure we're following the proper guidelines. What happens if she doesn't vacant the premises in 10 Days? Do we file with the courts now or do we have to wait the 10 days? The deliver confirmation has been confirmed. We wanted to work with the tenant but she refused to communicate with us from the beginning.
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