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Tenent's notice of intent to vacate

My CA rental agreement states that either part may end the agreement in writing within 30 days before the end of the current month. Tenant gave notice last Monday that he is moving out Feb. 17th. I have explained to him that this is not in line with the agreement he signed; he pointed to the CA default laws and then told me if I didn't agree I could get a lawyer. I would like to take the money out of his deposit once he leaves but I am concerned about retaliation from him. He has been a good tenant up to this point.

What's the current situation? Did tenant move out without paying or did he damaged the room? I would suggest you to hire a lawyer like from the site They are expert in dealing with these type of situation and also helps us in taking the right decision.
My personal opinion. I would let him leave! it's not worth the stress going to court to file paperwork for only given you less then 30 day notice. You don't need a lawyer and you can do it yourself for breech contract or take him to court on a civil matter. Wait until he leaves and if he did not pay you rent and damage the room. Then take him to court! We  just received a judgement 1/9 by the court against our tenant for non-payment. There's a order to evict our tenant by 2/6/18. Nancy
I should add that he is renting a room in my house.
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