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Notice required on deposit after eviction.

I am in the process of my first eviction. This tenant is past due two months, plus per contract is responsible for over $600 of hoa fines do to failure to maintain yard which is stated in contract.  (both stated...must maintain yard and she would be responsible for any hoa fines issued).  Once eviction is finalized, do I still have to send notice of my intent to keep deposit and if so, where would I mail the notice. I do have a court judgement against her for over $3,000. way above $1,400. deposit. I obviously will not know her forwarding address.

Mail it to your property that she is renting.  She should forward her mail from there to her new address.
Thank you for your response. I am going to do just that. Going to wait to see what condition the property is in after the sheriff removes her before I send. She already owes more than deposit, but I am going to include any damages I see in letter as well just for documentation.   I was wondering if I only state that the whole deposit is being claimed ($1,400), or do I state the whole amount that she owes me which will probably be over $3,000?
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