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30 day Eviction notice

My tenant is late again with rent as of March 1st (she was also late, by 10 days in Feb), she has a 5 day grace period. On March 2nd I sent a late fee reminder to her and never heard anything back (she did read the email). In Kentucky (the county we live in)  have to give her a 30 day notice to vacate or pay, so my question is ... does the 30 days start from March 1 (day the rent is technically late) or March 7 (when I was planning to send the vacate or pay letter and after the grace period), and does that make the 30 days March 1-31 or March 7 through April 7? Thanks
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The 30 days should be from the day you send the notice. usually you wouldn't send the notice until the 7th after the grace period.
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