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missing a bunch of info

I will soon forward notice to evict, but realize, I don't have much info on the tenant.  Have a sinking gut feeling that she may damage property and/or remove appliances.  Concerned that if she skips out, I did not collect  enough info to follow-up for fees and damages.  I bought into the sad story that she had been a victim of abuse and had no prior rental experience, Can I access SS# from the credit or criminal report to report non-payment, and to follow up for damage s should I incr any upon eviction?
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With the ezzlandlordforms tenant screening they don't show the landlord the SSN and the DOB, i usually send my applicants the printable application first. Then if i like them i will further screen them but this also allows me to have all the information i need and screen the tenants. Its great!!!
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